The human body is composed of various organs working together to form a functioning human being. However, among those organs are called vital organs because they are extremely important for a person to stay alive. These vital organs include the heart, kidneys, and liver. They are highly active, so they require high amounts of energy for them to function properly. Moreover, one of the substances that is crucial to the maintenance of these organs is the Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10.

The coenzyme, which is found in the mitochondria of the cells, is necessary for the production of energy within cells. This means that it is found in every cell, but it is found in high concentrations in organs that do a lot of work, including the heart, kidneys, and liver. Insufficient amounts of the coenzyme in the body can lead to serious disorders.

The coenzyme is usually associated with cardiovascular health as Vitalflow the heart is one of the highly active organs in the body. It supports the functioning of the heart muscle, and it protects the heart from oxidative stress. Various studies have found that the coenzyme prevents cardiovascular diseases. One study found that CoQ10 supplementation improves heart mortality in patients that have moderate to severe heart failure. It has also been found to help prevent damage to the heart caused by chemotherapy drugs.

Other vital organs that benefit from sufficient amounts of the coenzyme in the body are the kidneys. The kidneys do a lot of work filtering wastes in the body, and they are also prone to oxidative stress. In fact, kidney damage is common. It is reported that in the United States, 10 percent of the people who are 20 years old or older have chronic kidney disease. However, kidney damage can be prevented by having sufficient levels of the coenzyme in the body as it helps increase the levels of powerful kidney antioxidants in the body, specifically glutathione and catalase.

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