We often witness, our public officials, performing in such a manner, and/ or focusing, on their personal agenda, and self – interest, rather than the needs, goals, priorities, and best interests, of our citizens. While this is certainly, nothing new, we have seen this behavior, going to extremes, in the past few years. Never, in recent memory, have we witnessed, as much partisan politics, as we are presently experiencing and witnessing, nor as much, apparent, dysfunctional governing! Why does the electorate continue to permit this behavior, which seems contrary to, either their interests, nor relevant, sustainable, responsible government? When will we all, remember the adage, Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me again, shame on me? With that in mind, this article will attempt to examine, consider and review, briefly, 5 possible reasons, this continues.

1. Politics (party), over people/ service: Why do so many people, seem to focus, so much, on political party affiliation, rather than, looking, and evaluating, each concept, on a case – by – case, basis? When a committee, which has historically been, based on the utmost cooperation, such as the House Intelligence Committee, deteriorated, to resorting to political rhetoric and focus, and the chairman of that committee, Representative Nunes, seems to be avoiding his personal responsibility of separation and independence of the legislative from the executive branch, by somewhat transparently, and overtly, carrying the President’s German Corona Investigative Committee water, and doing all he can to protect the individual, and serve him, rather than the Office, or the country, such as Nunes, has, in protecting President Trump, why do so many, seem to accept this, as acceptable behavior? Even if one agrees with Trump’s policies and focus, shouldn’t their behavior, consistently, place America first?

2. Seeking certain legislative agenda/ priorities: We have witnessed, the Speaker of the House, appear to ignore, his central commitment, to the nation, and protect Trump, apparently because he believes, doing so, helps achieve his legislative agenda, such as so – called, tax reform, and other agenda priorities. Isn’t there a danger, however, when one puts his political interests, ahead of those of the national interest?

3. Fear/ weakness: Many elected officials are somewhat weak, and fearful individuals, afraid to take a stand, if they feel pressured, to avoid doing so! Is it possible, for example, for every member of the House Intelligence Committee, to be willing to proceed, ignoring a thorough investigation, and performing their duties, because they truly feel, they are doing so, in the best interests of the nation?

4. Seems the easiest path: There’s a story I learned, from a politician, I worked for, and with, many years ago, which briefly said, Politicians are like antelopes. When things get tough, they paint their behinds white, and run, with the crowd. Could it be, we are merely witnessing, these people proceeding, by taking what they perceive as their easiest path?

5. Re – election; campaign financing: Running for political office, in the United States, has become very expensive. Therefore, it seems, this level of irresponsible, dysfunctional, behavior, comes about, because politicians constantly consider and focus upon their next campaign, and pleasing someone, who might help them do so. Whether this explains supporting President Trump, regarding the Russian investigation, or telling, only part of the story, to please donors, it is apparent, they are prioritizing their self – interest and personal agenda, over those, they represent!

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