Surreal views, great thousand-year old temples, ultra modern cities, genuine cuisine, and additionally some of the most beautiful beaches worldwide. Asia has it all, a delicious mix of traditions and modernity that gives this region of the planet an edge over many other tourist destinations, and a great way of enjoying this magic is taking advantage of the best Asia cruise deals.

Top cruise lines like Princess, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Holland America and Norwegian will offer you excellent accommodation, a broad selection of special meals, and professional entertainment. Aboard these luxury structures life is casual and relaxing, keeping passengers busy and happy with a wide range of activities such as dancing in the nightclubs, gambling a bit in the casinos, and enjoying the shows and movies อนิเมะซับไทย.

Besides all this you can enjoy hanging out with new friends while sunbathing on the decks in the middle of the ocean. Some great ports of call in a cruise to Southeast Asia are Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, Phuket, Shanghai, and Kuala Lumpur.

Hong Kong

Formerly a small fishing village, Hong Kong is now the most sophisticated and international city of China, and the world’s fourth largest financial center after New York, Tokyo and London.

In terms of tourism, the main city of Hong Kong is a vibrant and bustling business center and a shopping mecca famous for its food and markets.
Aside from the Hong Kong’s heart with its harbors and jammed streets, the area has a lot more to offer, like rural islands of isolated beaches, hilly landscapes, and wee farming and fishing villages.


Once home of pearl reapers and corsairs, Singapore is nowadays a hugely-developed city-state with a very high standard of living and a prime tourist destination. More and more visitors from all over the world are coming to Singapore to let themselves get seduced by the many entertainment options that so cosmopolitan city has to offer.


Besides a main economical hub of Southeast Asia, Bangkok is a major travel destination, a national treasure, and definitely a place which the traveler can easily fall in love with. In this Asian metropolis you will find all the possibilities of shopping and nightlife, as well as stunning temples and an untold number of exotic restaurants.


Tokyo combines the highest technologies of the world with the Asian devotion to its ancestral traditions. It is maybe the most eye-catching particularity of this astounding mega city, the 3rd worldwide after New York and London.


If you like beautiful beaches, Phuket is one of those places that you should really try to visit sometime in your lifetime. A resort of world renown where visitors from all the corners of the planet are attracted like flies to be able to experience the magic of this large Thai island, located on the west coast of the Andaman Sea.


It would seem like the present does not exist in Shanghai. Walk along the Huangpu River to gaze some fine relics built a hundred years ago and catch a bit of the past. As for the future, you can gape at the ultra modern financial district, a Feng Shui craze of steel and glass.

Kuala Lumpur

The booming Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia, is a remarkable travel destination. This astonishing metropolis has the power to captivate the traveler’s senses and steal their hearts with its unique blend of ancient and modern, East and West.

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