There are one and a number of ways to become more intelligent and wanting to become more intelligent is a great goal. Why? It means you want to become a better person, add value to your life and that of others.

I am not sure if you have ever been a competitive athlete but if you have, you know that exercising will make you stronger, help you run faster and increase your endurance. If you want to become smarter you need to exercise your brain and the best way to do it is by becoming a voracious reader.

Reading is the key to increasing your intelligence, albeit what you read is also a factor in the process. Our brain needs exercise just like an athlete and you cannot abuse your brain with chemicals and or putting junk in it either.

Reading brainless books will set you back, in all of the research I have found, reading novels is one of the best kind of books to read if you want to increase your level of intelligence read more.

Reading increases your focus and helps your critical thinking faculties. Reading a classic novel will change your view of the world and improve your thinking. Challenging books stimulate your thinking more than anything else, so do not be afraid to take them on.

Critical thinking is what separates average intelligence and super intelligence, anything that makes you think critically will sharpen your intellect. To say we only use 10% of our brain capacity is a myth because our brain has an infinite capacity and no computer on the planet can compare to that of humans.

Other type of books that challenge us include science books, not the classroom or text book variety but books that increase our knowledge of the natural world. Philosophy is another book that enhances our intelligence because it helps us to learn more about ourself, it also increase our understanding of human needs and desires.

Serious science fiction books will also expand your intelligence, it has value and will make you a better thinker, speaker and conversationalist. One of my favorites is history books because they provide a wealth of information on events and personalities and the evolution of ideas that shaped civilization.

Last but not least, poetry has its place in enhancing intelligence, it sharpens language skills and develops eloquence and should not be ignored. You have the master keys to becoming more intelligent, read more books that enhance your intelligence and over time you will be one of the most intelligent people in the world.

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