The Flat Belly Solution, created by Isabel De Los Rios is NOT a diet. The reason this best-selling weight loss program is so popular with women is because it provides a concrete and tangible blueprint for making positive, long-term lifestyle changes.

In her book, Isabel is straight-forward when she says, “People don’t need another diet book; they need to change their lifestyles. They don’t need to be told how and why to go on a okinawa flat belly tonic diet; they need to learn how to change their eating habits and their thinking for life.”

With this premise, Isabel teaches women to eat more consciously, and eat more naturally. Fat loss is actually a bonus for the body because it is now able to process nutrients more efficiently…instead of being forced to remove toxins from chemicals and preservatives.

Why Women Choose The Flat Belly Solution

  • It is educational. You will learn EXACTLY how different foods affect the body in terms of storage as belly fat.
  • You will get rid of sugar foods. Their sabotage of your blood sugar levels, and insulin release, are precursors for Type II diabetes.
  • You will wean yourself away from starchy processed foods that do not satiate your appetite, and are too easily converted into fat on your waist, hips, and thighs.
  • Making good food choices becomes far easier when the majority of selections come from foods provided by Mother Nature…instead of a box, can, or plastic wrapper.
  • You will learn how to identify your Metabolism Type, and create meal plans that directly enhance it.

Isabel hits the nail squarely when she says, “How I nourish my body affects all aspects of my life and my outlook on it.” Women are acutely attuned to their feelings. They understand feeling discouraged when they see themselves as heavy, overweight, and sluggish.

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