The United States Government has huge fleets of vehicles that its various agencies use in their day to day operations. These vehicles are kept in top condition, and are serviced regularly, so that their is little chance of them developing any major mechanical problems. When the vehicles get a couple of years old, they are sold off, and a new one is purchased to replace it.

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When a vehicle is to be sold off, it goes to a public auction that is run by the government, and placed on the auction block. They are available for inspection before the auction starts, to check for any major problems. When the auction starts, the bidding starts low. Anyone who is interested in the vehicle can bid on it, and it is sold to the highest bidder, for the price of his bid, no matter how low that bid is จำนำรถยนต์. Most vehicles sell for less than they are worth, and in a few rare cases, almost new vehicles have sold for a couple of hundred dollars. This is not an every day thing, it is the rare exception rather than the rule, but it does happen.

There are many different types of vehicles that make it into government auctions, such as sedans, luxury cars, sports cars, trucks, vans, sport utility vehicles, recreational vehicles, minivans, campers, and much more. Vehicles seized by the government during the course of criminal prosecution for crimes such as drug law violations and tax evasion also make it into the auctions. Check out my squidoo lens on government auctions to learn more.

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