The garage door is more than just a gateway to the car’s storage area. It also serves as protection from unwanted entry and crimes like burglary schl├╝sseldienst in Hannover. It is important to remember however that even though it provides your family with security, it can also pose as a hazard if not properly checked or maintained.

This is why, it is crucial that you keep in mind this list of tips on garage door safety to keep your family and home safe.

  1. Tuck the garage door opener control out of reach of small children and pets. Never let them play with the door’s remote controls.
  2. Be sure to read the owner’s manual and learn how the door’s emergency release feature works. It is not smart to wait until an emergency happens before you would fumble into the manual to figure out how to trigger this emergency feature.
  3. Inspect it at least once a month. Check all the parts of the door including the springs, cables, rollers, pulleys, nuts, bolts, and hinges for any sign of wear or defect. Do not attempt to repair or adjust any of these parts unless you are comfortable with your handy skills. It is better to rely on a professional repairperson for this job.
  4. Make it a habit to check the opener’s reversing mechanism at least twice a month. You can do this by placing a board of wood or a roll of paper towels in the path of the door. If the door does not revert to its original opening position after coming contact with the object, call the dealer of the garage door or a professional repairperson.
  5. Explain the dangers of playing with or near it to children. Tell them never to place their fingers between the door sections as this can cause pain and pinching. Better yet, consider investing on a door that has panels that cannot pinch.
  6. Never leave it partially open. Not only can this attract burglars, it can also cause an accident as it may travel downward and crush anything that crosses its path.
  7. If you are going on a vacation, unplug the door opener unit.
  8. Consider electric garage doors that are equipped with an opener that has a rolling-code technology that changes the access codes every time that opener is used. This is to prevent code stealing. Hormann is one of those brands that offer these kinds of garage doors.
  9. Never leave your opener’s remote control in the car or with the parking attendant. Keep it to yourself at all times.
  10. Buy a high quality garage door. Since this is where safety ultimately lies, be sure to invest only on safe and heavy-duty door that come with security features.

The garage door contributes to the safety of your property and family. But you need to do your part in maintaining and checking it regularly so that it would be able to carry out this purpose effectively.

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