Japan is a major exporter of labour to the world. According to the CIA, Japan is the largest producer of labor in the world. In addition to this, Japan is also a leading manufacturer of automobiles, trucks, machinery and other industrial goods. These facts have caused the Japanese labour market to become highly specialized and since it is specialized, there has been over a hundred percent increase in the demand for labour in Japan. This article will describe how the labour market works in Japan and present some of the main sources of labour that are being sent to various parts of the world on a daily basis.

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One of the biggest sources of labour is China. The economic growth in China has created many job opportunities for the people of Japan and many Japanese businessmen have established companies in China and have set up branches there. Because of the close proximity of the two countries, many Japanese companies have set up their manufacturing units in China and this has led to an increased demand for Japanese labour. Another major source of work for the Japanese is the Taiwan. Both these countries have free trade zones and allow free trade between the two countries. Many Japanese exporters have set up their factories in Taiwan and have sent jobs there vietproud.com.vn.

The third largest provider of Japanese labour is South Korea. Since many Korean exporters have set up their factories in Japan and in other Asian countries like Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong, many Japanese businessmen are looking to move to these countries and develop there. The workers in these Asian countries are considered cheaper than the Japanese and they also have a higher standard of living. The workers in South Korea also have high levels of literacy and have similar labour standards with the Japanese.

The fourth largest exporter of Japanese labour is Germany. Germany is an important trading partner of Japan. It exports a large number of automobiles and has helped Japan to grow economically. There are many subcontracting companies in Germany which help out with the transport and logistics of the raw materials to be used in the automobile manufacturing.

Fifth on the list of countries supplying labour to Japan is Mexico. There are a few car industries in Mexico, which have set up their own plants in Japan. These cars are branded in Japan and shipped to Mexico. The labour cost in Mexico is much lower than in Japan, but there is a problem with working conditions since this country has not signed the labor contract agreed upon between the Mexican government and the Japanese government.

The sixteenth largest exporter of Japanese labour is Germany. Germany is an important trading partner of Japan. Its major exports are automobiles, electrical goods and machinery. Germany has had problems with the working conditions in its labour supply factories in China and its relationship with China on the issue is strained at the moment. Nevertheless, it has been a steady exporter of Japanese labour.

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