Surely with the holiday season, knocking at the doorstep, you are already considering the perfect golf gifts for Dad. Everyone wants to give something special for their old man. Since you know all too well that all year round Dad is on the golf course whenever his schedule permits, it’s important that you give him something he’ll surely cherish. Will you get him some new gear? Will it be something not necessarily golf related, but still something to remind him where he’d rather be, like a golf-themed mug or shirt? The perfect gift is out there. You just have to use your imagination, and maybe spend an hour or two canvassing for the price that fits your budget.

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When personalized gifts are mentioned, people automatically equate it to exclusivity and prohibitive expense. You need not fear because with most sporting merchandise being readily available to the general public, personalized sports items no longer belong in closed cliques. Maybe you can start with the most necessary item when playing a game of golf: the golf balls. Golf balls are increasingly being customized nowadays more than what most people think. Most players have their initials, a catchy word or numbers inscribed on the balls, usually in some eye-catching color. Provided that the internal composition of the balls is not altered, these customized items are legal to be played in most courses. With customized golf balls Dad will no longer make the mistake of playing the wrong golf balls, plus the custom markings give a sense of pride and exclusivity minus the extravagant expense. Most can be had for as low as a set of one dozen and more options than just numerals and letters. To match those special golf balls with some colored tees and you have a gift that will surely see a lot of use Golf Gift Idea T-Shirt.

What else can you give as personalized golf gifts for Dad? Apart from custom golf balls, you can also look at the other gear players use. There are shops that make custom golf bags, although those with really nice custom features like special closures or additional reinforcement and provisions for separating the shafts come a premium. The upside of this is that Dad will really appreciate your gift. If you really go down the expensive route, be sure that you get your money’s worth in quality. Ask around about the best brands and materials that professional players use and you will get an idea about what is good and what is just advertising hype.

Even though you are willing to drop a hefty roll for your golf gifts for Dad, giving golf clubs is not an exceptional idea. While it is relatively easy to find good golf clubs, their users are often very exacting on this type of equipment and your gift might not exactly be what he needs. The best way would be to get the exact brand and model that Dad wants, but then it’s not a surprise anymore. Try to look for other golf related merchandise like shirts, sweaters or windbreakers. A nice headgear, like the animal-themed head-covers that the pros use might be a good idea, but be sure Dad is perfectly willing to use one. Wearing an animal’s likeness on one’s head isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tee, er, tea.

There are numerous other items out there that will make a nice golf gift for Dad. Personalized items show that you took the extra mile to find something really special for your old man. While you might not be a golfer yourself, some common sense and a good eye for quality is all you need to find that perfect gift. Most items that are personalized require some lead time like custom golf balls so be sure to order a set a bit earlier than your usual holiday shopping and allow for a week or so of waiting time just to be sure.

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