Some may wonder if there can be any such thing as ‘foods for a flat belly.’ We shall see.

While it may at fast glance seem unlikely, let’s examine the matter in more careful detail.

For example we can begin by looking at beans; then foods such as pineapple and yogurt; then there’s the issue of fried food; and lastly let’s have a look at drinks too.

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In this article we shall explore the four areas mentioned and see just how they affect the important issue of achieving a flat belly.

Firstly, there’s the very well-known connection between beans and the giving off of gas. In fact that not all the gas may be exuded. Thus bloating comes into the picture okinawa flat belly tonic.

But specifically where bloating is the issue of concern there are foods which positively help with this, namely pineapple and yogurt. Studies show that the probiotics or ‘good bacteria’ they contain certainly can reduce bloating. Researches have found that ginger too is one of the good guys in this respect. From time immemorial it’s been known to alleviate travel sickness. Well here’s yet another area where it’s established its worth.

We move on now to not only considering a particular food but also how it’s prepared. For quite a few years, it’s been said that fried food is bad for us. In fact its repute extends to being something which also promotes bloating. Basically fried meals which normally are into the bargain fatty, digest slowly. So remaining in the stomach then for longer, and staying in the body longer too helps the individual feel heavier, with the bloated sensation which accompanies that.

One can see then the connection with a belly that’s anything but flat!

On the matter of drinks, one may easily appreciate that fizzy drinks bubbling with gas, not all of which are given off by the individual, would for sure increase the bloat experienced by the drinker. An effect which builds up over time.

So to sum up, we’ve looked at the matter of beans, and their well-known connection with the giving off of gas. And that not all of the gas may be given off. Then there are foods like ginger, pineapple and yogurt which should per recent research would help in the maintenance of a flat belly, and not forgetting the gaseous effects of fizzy drinks which certainly don’t help in the attainment of a flat belly.

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