Enjoy movies, music, Mp4 music, videos, and stream anything from the Internet like you never thought it possible on a mobile phone. The HTC touch Pro provides you with the Opera 9.5 web browser so you will get the best experience while surfing around on the Internet. It is also very easy to navigate around on your phone with the very large 3.8″ 65K-color touchscreen and a touch sensitive scroll wheel.

The 3.5G technology let you download from the Internet with a true broadband speed. If you are using the right networks, the mobile phone´s Internet connection let you download with 7.2 Mb per second. When using your phone to download text documents you can also use the MS Office Mobile document editor to edit the text.

I have to admit that the super high resolution 3.8″ display (480×800), 3.15 megapixel camera and power of Windows Mobile definitely makes the Touch Pro an attractive device youtube video mp4 downloader.

The fact that this phone looks pretty much the same way as its “twin brothers” the HTC touch Diamond and the HTC touch HD doesn’t make me less excited to try it out but after all, the phones almost have the same design and platform.

Some of the key features of the Touch Pro and Touch HD is that they both have a slide-out keyboard (which the Diamond does not have). They also have a Wi-Fi connection, built-in FM transmitter so that you can listen to the radio and they have a microSD port to provide extra disk space. The Touch Pro also has a Standard miniUSB port and the Bluetooth v2.0 so it is very easy to make it communicate with a computer. The Pro version also has a very cool YouTube client.

Of course there are also some disadvantages. I find it pretty large, massive and heavy, where the twin brother, the Diamond, is a lot thinner and lighter. It is also pretty hard to see exactly what´s on the screen in sunshine and even though that the scroll function is a very cool gadget I find it to have limited use.

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