Would you like to learn how to make money writing by using the website Examiner.com? This website if you are not familiar with it, allows you to write about a given topic and to get paid according to the amount of traffic generated by your articles. Although you will make some money just by writing, you will make more money if you follow certain rules and best practices.

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1. Write regularly. As an Examiner you are expected to write at least three times per week although you will make more money if you write every day, or almost every day or even two or three times per day. Since the more articles you have the more money you make, it only makes sense that writing more will generate more income. This is also true because when people visit your page if the last time you wrote was a week ago or more, then it makes people wonder if you are still an active writer. Staying active is also important if you want to make money with Examiner’s bonus contests.

2. Write interesting articles. Although this is another given, many people do not follow this or understand what makes an article interesting. They think only about what they want to read rather than what their audience wants. If you are struggling to come up with ideas, then survey your readers or other people you know to find out what topics are interesting to them. You can also do online research to find out what your audience would like to read about.

3. Use frequently searched keywords read this. The articles on Examiner.com rank very highly in the search engines, however, this will not matter unless you use popular keywords. Taking the time to do some keyword research can go a long way in generating natural search engine traffic to your articles.

4. Promote your articles with Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon and other social media tools. Although your articles will get some natural traffic, you will get even more if you take a few minutes each time you publish an article to promote your articles using social networking sites and social bookmarking tools. Although it is not necessary to use all of the share it tools provided, using at least two or three of them is a smart idea.

5. Choose a topic about which you are passionate and knowledgeable. As a part of their application procedure Examiner requires you to prove that you have some knowledge and passion for your topic, however, you still want to think seriously about your topic choice. Once you are approved for a given topic, you cannot change topics and you will be writing hundreds if not thousands of articles on your topic so it is very important that you choose wisely.

6. Promote your articles with your own domain name on your website, blog, business cards and anywhere else where it makes sense. If you already have a well-established web site and online brand then it only makes sense that you should take advantage of it to promote your articles. Having a separate domain name for your examiner page can help people to remember how to find your page without the hassle of a long hard to remember url and without having to do a search from the main page in order to find your page.

7. Encourage others you know to become writers and to use your name as a referral. From time to time they offer referral bonuses as well as contests where you can win prizes for referring the most qualified new writers so it goes without saying that you will earn more money if you refer a large number of new people to become writers.

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