The Chinese reference to Link to Feng Shui Blog is very simple and this makes it easier for me to write about. I am from Australia and have studied Chinese for many years. I am now a full-time Feng Shui consultant and teach others how to incorporate the art of Feng Shui into their lives. My focus is on enhancing the physical, mental and emotional health of those that come to me for advice.

In 2021, I was approached by a client that asked me to do a Feng Shui blog on her behalf. She told me that she wanted to get a Feng Shui upgrade. She was unhappy with some of the aspects of her home and was desperate to improve the situation. I started looking into improving her home and started visiting several homes. During our first visit, we discussed her complaints in depth and I set up several testing procedures at home on the very same day.

When I completed all these tests, I had a report that evening that explained what had been done and recommended. Through the use of this information and my writing, she was able to see some of the areas that were holding her back financially and emotionally. This report also included a link to her Feng Shui blog where she can continue to monitor the progress of her renovations. I encourage you to do the same thing if you are stuck in a negative area of your life. Many people have found that there are linkages to their current problems in the Feng Shui of their home.

One of the most important points I will talk about is how to “know” the area where a person resides. In my experience, Feng Shui will guide you in this process. You will need to determine how much positive energy you are flowing into your home. In other words, the energy you are surrounded by must be as positive as possible. Your home should be a reflection of who you are, your likes, your hobbies and your goals. A negative energy emanates from a home that is full of negative energy and vice versa.

Once you know this, you can start to look at the rooms you have in your home and determine how they are creating a negative energy. For example, if your bedroom has a lot of clutter and is very dark, that is going to be a negative energy area. You should remove all the things that do not belong in that room or you will attract more of the same. You should also try to have at least one fire extinguisher and always be keeping your flame lit so it radiates out and creates a warm and relaxing effect.

The kitchen is another place where you want to focus on the flow of energy in your home. Keep the stove in a place where it does not become inactive and keep your microwave oven at a temperature where it is not burning hot. Keep your refrigerator door open and turn on the freezer to keep your perishables cold. These are just a few tips that you can apply at home to help you create an environment that will help with improving your chi and bringing wealth into your life. If you would like to learn more about Feng Shui remedies and how to use them to improve your home, you can find a link below to go on.

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