Are you fed up with your current job? Have you thought about leaving? If so, where would you go? Would you start searching job postings to find another company to work for where you can make a fresh new start? What if your work situation is worse than the one you are already in? Not knowing what to expect when thinking of going to another company is what makes people stagnant and remain at their current job. Staying in a place that makes you unhappy takes your life away. If this is you, maybe you should be looking for bigger and better opportunities.

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What are you passionate about? What are your skills? How do you get the strength and courage to follow your life’s mission and do what you really love? How do you keep your sanity when you are drowning in debt and your friends and family are encouraging you to stay at a place you hate?

I want to tell you that there is hope. There are better alternatives out there than wasting your life at a 9-5 job 5 days a week. There are plenty of work at home job posting you can do that will give you the enjoyment and self fulfillment you desire. Your life should be free. You should love what you even though you are getting paid for it. Many people live this way. Why can’t you? You don’t have to continue to be tortured by boring meetings, tormented by your boss. There is a way.

Before I became totally free to enjoy my life, I sadly worked for a company for years. What helped during my transition was that I created a plan, set an exit date and stuck to my plan. I was dedicated to my mission and before you know it, I was free! Here’s my plan. Read carefully and do your best to apply it in your own life.

Find Your Passion

Learn what makes you tick. What projects do you work on that give you such a fun feeling that you could do it all day and all night long without getting tired? This is the secret to living the good life. In 30 years from now, when you reflect back on your life, do you want to remember it as being a life fulfilled with joy and happiness or one full of pressure, stress and anxiety? Use this example to motivate yourself to live your passionate and fulfilled life.

Write Your Dream Day

Try doing this exercise with me. Take a moment and find a quiet spot. Relax your body and mind and visualize your dream day. What do you smell, feel, taste, and touch? Where are you? What is your day like? Now, write what you feel in detail in a notepad. When you write, really feel the feeling of living in your dream day. What are you wearing? Who are the people that surrounds you? What did you achieve that day? How well did you sleep? Do this every night before yoou go to bed. You’ll be amazed at the results it will give you.

Eliminate Your Fear

Fear and doubts will only distract you from your goal. You must learn to act in spite of fear. One exercise I did was to write out the pros and cons of staying or leaving my job. Just visualally looking at the many pros of working from home and owning my own business more than outweighed the cons of staying at my job. Reviewing this daily motivated me to take the leap forward and live out my mission.

Create A Plan

Creating a plan of action will help your transition run smoothly. During this time, research your business, start your business part-time, and establish a set date to leave. Setting the date is crucial to your success. If you don’t have a date set you wont have anything to shoot for.

Stick to your plan. It will help you reach your goals much faster. Believe me; life on the other side of the 9-5 grudge is much better than what you are going through now. Good luck and remember to leave on good terms as you grin while you walk away. Your life has just begun.

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