Thai massage, or Nuad Phaen Boran, is a type of massage that involves traditional medicine methods from Chinese and Indian influences, as well as those from other Southeast Asian countries. Usually done while lying on the floor, this massage does not involve the use of any type of oils, which is often done with its counterparts.

This particular massage system involves acupressure, Sen line compression, and bending or stretching. Acupressure applies pressure on overlapping muscles and organs, which is done for stimulation. Sen line compression, also known as Meridian line compression, is a concept in involving the body’s reaction to applying pressure along Sen (energy line). Bending or stretching is where passive stretch and massage are used to improve ligament and muscle length.

Several results could come from undergoing Thai massage. Psychologically, it could be a great stress reliever. Physiologically, your body experiences stimulation, which leads to better flexibility. This massage also improves the function of the muscles and bone joints, as well as the circulatory, digestive, and respiratory systems. In tradition, this has a spiritual effect in a way that it develops your sense of caring and the feeling of being loved, which helps fight illnesses Asian Massage nyc.

For those practicing Thai massage, it’s essential that you keep in mind several techniques in order for the patient to fully achieve its beneficial effects. The massage system requires concentration, in such a way that the therapist not only pays attention to his or her routines, but also to the patient’s reactions. It’s also important to avoid harming the patient by understanding body mechanics. If the posture is incorrect or the therapist is not comfortable with his or her position, the massage could pose harm to the patient. Since the massage is based more on the application of pressure, the therapist should be aware of his or her own body weight, as this will be used in the process.

While it provides a lot of benefits, this traditional massage may also be hazardous. This may be due to its bad reputation, mainly because of some therapists who believes in the ‘no pain, no gain’ concept. It is important to bear in mind that a massage is just an aid in the natural healing process of the body. Also, several illnesses do not go away just by having Thai massage, as well as its counterparts, so proper knowledge of the human anatomy and pathology is imperative.

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