High blood pressure (H BP or hypertension) is generally defined as the force of blood pushing strongly against the walls of the blood vessels. Over a period of time, this damage to the soft tissue inside the arteries leads to the premature failure of these vessels. High blood pressure may lead to heart attack and stroke, two of the most important risks factors for heart disease. Thus, controlling it is essential.

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The first line of defense against HBP is to keep your weight under control. A healthy diet with low saturated fat and low salt intake, plus an adequate amount of physical activity can go a long way in reducing your BP. Physical activity increases the efficiency with which nutrients are absorbed by the body. Therefore, regular physical activity regimen can help reduce HBP. For best results, you should plan to include some form of exercise in your lifestyle.

Other preventive measures against high blood pressure include taking adequate measures to detect and eliminate any signs of cardiovascular problems ha huyet ap nhanh. This includes not smoking, reducing the use of alcohol and quitting any drugs that can interfere with your normal blood circulation. Your health care team can advise you on effective steps you can take to improve your overall health. You may find that some simple adjustments to your diet and physical activities will go a long way in controlling your BP. In addition, your health care team can provide you with information on the leading causes of stroke and other vascular diseases.

Once you have established a high blood pressure condition, you will need to learn how to cope with it. First, make sure to document all the symptoms you experience. Then, you will need to seek prompt medical attention when you begin to experience any of these symptoms, preferably when you are at home or in bed, after being inactive for quite some time.

Your health care professional may prescribe several low-cost, over-the-counter (OTC) high blood pressure medicines. One class of these is known as ACE inhibitors. These medicines, together with the previously mentioned classes of medicines, help lower your BP significantly. However, these medicines require regular taking or else the effectivity may be lessened. The duration of the effects of these medicines will vary according to the individual characteristics of the body and the specific types of high blood pressure medicines being taken.

Another class of medicines that can greatly contribute to lowering your BP is the antihypertensive medicines. The objective of taking these medicines is to reduce the build up of excess fluids in the body, specifically the ones accumulated in the arteries and the ones clogging the walls of the veins. Some common medicines used in this category are ACE Inhibitors, diuretics and calcium channel blockers. Even if you don’t want to take these medicines, you can always participate in some kind of exercise program. Doing so will allow you to achieve a healthy blood circulation which will greatly reduce high blood pressure symptoms.

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