Just imagine what it would be like if you could communicate with your baby before he or she is able to actually speak words! Well now you can by using sign language for babies.

All parents have experienced the frustration of trying to fill babies’ needs and sometimes failing to understand baby’s crying. After all, if a baby is fed and changed, why does he continue to cry? It might surprise you to learn that baby gets frustrated and cries because he cannot verbally express his particular need of the moment.

Now there is a way to understand your baby’s needs without speech. It’s called baby sign language. Also called infant sign language, baby sign, and sign language for babies, it is  Language of desire composed of baby hand and finger signs that indicate words, concepts, and ideas babies need and want to communicate.

This method uses hand–eye coordination which is easier than the coordination of speech. Speech requires coordinating the lips, tongue, breath, and vocal chords simultaneously which is not possible for infants until further development. Simple hand gestures for common words such as eating, sleep, more, hug, play, cookies, teddy bear, etc., allows infants to indicate their needs.

One question most parents have is at what age to start teaching this to their baby. A good way to judge when an infant is ready is when he or she can understand and use most simple hand motions.

Although this technique is normally recommended to start about seven months of age, research has shown that some babies can be taught as early as three months. However, it is usually used from about seven months and upwards.

When you begin this method, you will discover that your baby has a natural desire to communicate and will learn easily. The rewards of being able to have a conversation with your little one as early as seven months old will be well worth the effort.

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