If you know that you want to go to university, then you might know exactly what you want to study, or what you need to study to help you get the career you want. Alternatively, you might not be sure what you should study.

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Here’s what you should consider.

1. If you enjoy foreign languages, then perhaps you’ll want to study a degree in languages, or languages with another subject, such as business studies. Why not see how you can put your languages skills to good use, or become even more fluent?

2. Maybe you’ll want a degree in business studies, so that you are well prepared for life in the modern workplace. With a good understanding of accountancy, marketing, economics and more, you’ll be a valuable asset to any company cours particuliers maths.

3. Perhaps you enjoy science, and so studying biology, chemistry or physics would be right for you. With many options open to you after you graduate, there will be many job options available when you graduate.

4. If you’re a sporty person, then you might want to study a sports related degree. Maybe you want to learn more about sports science, sports psychology or sports physiotherapy.

5. As an experienced compute user, you might want to get a degree in IT. Perhaps you want to be a web designer, IT support technician, games designer or programmer. Maybe you just want to study a computing course to consolidate your IT knowledge, and get a recognised qualification.

6. If you know what you want to do, then you might need to do a specific course, such as a specialist teaching or nursing course. Maybe you want to become a vet, doctor, architect, or solicitor, and so you’ll know what you need to study.

7. Perhaps you really enjoyed geography at college, and want to learn more about the structure of the land. Why not see what having a geography or geology degree could mean for you?

8. Maybe you’re interested in history, and so want to learn more about the past, or more about a particular time period. Why not study Roman History, or specific events that shaped the world?

9. If unlike many people, you really enjoy maths, and have a gift for numbers, then why not see whether there’s a maths related degree that interests you? With many maths courses available, you’ll be able to choose the right one for you.

10. You might want to study an English degree, whether in language or literature. Perhaps you want to get into writing, or journalism, and an English degree would definitely help. Now you know more about the sorts of courses you could do, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

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