Millions of people have the symptoms of acid reflux each and every year. It may be that because of high fat, high sugar diets that acid reflux is becoming more and more common. It does not help that a growing number of people are becoming less active than they used to be. Acid reflux can be referred to as a bad case of heart urn that keeps coming back. It is thought that an increase in abdominal pressure is the reason for the reflux. The pressure does not allow the esophageal sphincter to close properly and the stomach contents are able to flow back up along with the stomach acids. These things irritate the throat and cause horrible pain.

There are many over the counter and also prescription medications that work for acid reflux. Many sufferers are not using the medications; instead they are choosing to go on a more natural Acidaburn route. They feel that the side effects and cost could be avoided with natural remedies.

Acid Reflux and Vinegar: A User-Beware Homeopathic Remedy

Apple cider vinegar may be an all natural remedy for acid reflux. There have been many different people that have stories of the acid reflux and vinegar working. You can find stories like these on message boards devoted to acid reflux. You would think that the vinegar would be more acidic to the stomach and the two would work against each other. There is no real correlation between the vinegar and the acid reflux.

It is thought the acid reflux and vinegar remedy may be helpful to the acid reflux because of the fact that acid reflux may be from low acid in the stomach and not high acid. It may be that the undigested food will ferment in the stomach because the level of acid is low for proper digestion. The vinegar may help to add acid to the digestion process and speed things along. This action then reduces the acid reflux symptoms. However, the acid reflux and vinegar remedy has not been properly tested and is only a theory.

It is also thought by some that the vinegar acts as a placebo with the acid reflux. If many people say it works then you will think that it has to work too. Placebo means that it does not have any effect, and in the case of acid reflux and vinegar, you use your mind to make this particular remedy work. In clinical trials for medication, the placebo is given as the actual drug and participants think it is the real thing. It is usually a sugar pill with no medicinal value. The participants expect the placebo to be the actual medication and do what the medication does.

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