Acupuncture Works, But Only God Knows How

“We don’t understand the mechanisms of these so-called alternative
treatments, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work.” Dr. James Young,
of Rush University in Chicago.

1. There are 12,000 acupuncturists licensed and certified by the National
Commission for Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in the U.S.
66% are not medical physicians. Your doctor hates them more than chiropractors.

This governmental agency reports more folks visited complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practitioners, than primary care physicians.
Weird – 425 million visits to CAM and 388 million to family doctors.

2. Over a thousand back-pain suffers (1,100) took part in this Germany study headed by Dr. Heinz Endres of Ruhr University Bochum. The group was divided into those receiving acupuncture, conventional therapy (drugs, injections etc) or a placebo (sugar pills or injections of a saline solution of water).

They were trying to control severe lower back pain. The results were published in the September 24 2007 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Endres concluded, Patients experienced not only reduced pain intensity,

but also reported improvements in the disability that often results from back

pain and therefore in their quality of life.

3. After six months 47% of the patients in the acupuncture group had significant improvement in pain complaints, compared to only 27% of the patients who
received painkillers, injections, heat or massage (conventional medical treatment). That is almost double the success rate of family physicians, right?

4. So what? It means the body may react positively to any thin needle prick to it. Other researchers raised the issue of Placebo, a catch-term meaning, we-have-no idea (in the world) why it works.

5. Some scientists believe the secret of acupuncture is creating a disruption of
the pain messages processed by the brain, by offering competing stimuli.
The insertion of the needles appear to be the competing stimuli that inhibit
the back pain signals from creating a feedback circuit. Pain gets amnesia.

Other scientists suggest the twisting of the needles (it does not hurt in the least) releases your body’s natural painkillers. Included are endorphins,
enkephalins, and endomorphins that regulate pain in body and mind.

6. Placebo: an inactive pill or injection which is a sham procedure to test the
effects of another substance or treatment. It includes the interaction between
the patient and physician and how your expectations and beliefs produce
positive bodily and mental effects.

7. Double Weird. The acupuncture needles were not inserted at the depth
(under the skin) required for successful treatment, nor placed
in the meridians sites to affect Qi (pronounced chee) to balance the body’s
energy flow. They did not follow the rules of acupuncture.

The needles were not rotated after insertion, which is the proper
protocol for a successful acupuncture treatment. And still this alternative
method produced almost twice the benefits of Western medical Prostate Protocol treatment.

Acupuncture Treats These Complaints

Acupuncture practitioners and their patients report pain relief from migraine headaches, sciatica, bursitis, arthritis, and sinus discomfort. Some claim relief from
the symptoms of prostate symptoms. It may be a Placebo but the pain is gone.

The use of acupuncture and its sister treatment, acupressure (no needles just manipulating fingers), has a recorded history beginning in China two-thousand years ago. Physicians produced charts indicating 2,000 acupuncture sites (points)
on the body, 12 main and 8 secondary neural pathways called meridians.

The meridians conduct the Qi energy to balance the electromagnetic signals required for mental and physical health. It gets better – the needles move the
tired or impaired (unbalanced) energy to correct the compatible percentage of Yin and Yang.

Yang is claimed to control the positive energy of mind and body, while Yin balances
the negative energy forces. It is allegedly based on the continuous (circulation) of
blood, oxygen and immune systems like the Natural Killer, Thymus (T cells) and Bone Marrow (B cells).

How the painless insertion of tiny needles does the trick, is presently unknown nor understood. But then again scientists who can send astronauts into space do not
know the basis or site of human consciousness in 2007. Soon.

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