In a perfect world, you would have a prize “truffling pig” and an ancient forest in your backyard, so that you could forage for fresh fungal treats to your heart’s content. In the real world, you have your specialty green grocer, who has black and white truffles available according to their proper seasons, and who probably arranges to have them flown-in from France and Italy every few days. 聊天室 Although more subtly fragrant and flavoured, black truffles have slightly longer shelf lives than their white cousins. In other words, you may use a black truffle up to three days after its “best” date whereas you must use a white truffle right away. In far-flung places bereft of well-connected produce purveyors, you have the Internet, where some of the UK’s premier truffle aficionados do the dirty work for you, selecting and packaging Europe’s finest tuber-fare for your shopping and cooking convenience 網上交友平台. The most popular Internet gourmet merchants make it easy for you to find and order all your favourite tubers in just a few mouse-clicks-no pigs required.

Plan your purchase.

In the truffle world timing is everything. Both seasons and days matter 識男仔. The better truffles flourish in the winter, reaching their peak during January and February. Summer truffles, especially white ones, are more plentiful but less fragrant and flavourful. And it is not humanly possible to over-emphasize the simple and inescapable fact that both black and white truffles are extremely perishable. Therefore, if you are buying truffles from an Internet merchant, you absolutely must arrange for over-night or same-day delivery of your fresh truffles. Plan and purchase well in advance of your need, because supplies and shipments vary; but arrange for delivery of your precious tubers the day you plan to use them. Also keep in mind that demand for truffles always exceeds the supply, so that you will pay more for high-quality truffles in the off-seasons-spring and autumn.

Especially with summer white truffles, freshness makes a critical difference in the success of your truffle-rich recipes. As they come from the earth, white truffles are filled with fragrant gases, and they are almost obnoxiously or overwhelmingly aromatic when they are sliced for cooking, because slicing triggers quick release of all those gases. As the gases dissipate, however, white truffles lose their flavour and quickly deteriorate. If you let a fresh white truffle go two days beyond its peak, you might as well cook with canned mushrooms.

Pick the best purveyor.

Of course, all the standard principles apply: you should compare and contrast prices, products, and customer service standards as you click among gourmet websites. Most of all, though, given truffles’ delicacy and short shelf lives, you especially should look at details of packaging and shipping. A few of the best online produce and gourmet vendors have developed sophisticated wrapping and packaging to maximize freshness while reducing weight. As a result of their materials innovations, those vendors can send you the very best products at the lowest shipping cost with the least risk of damage or spoilage. Most among the trufflerati agree, if you must compromise, give up a little rarity for the sake of safe delivery. The finest Internet truffle shufflers will send you e-mail notifications when your favorite truffles are in-stock; and the trufflerati will not feel at all surprised when some ingenious telecoms tuber-lover develops an app for truffle purchases.

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