The Real Score between Weight Loss and Fat Loss

The words fat loss and weight loss are used interchangeably and are both often misused. But, there really is a difference between the two and there is certainly a winner. I am equally guilty of using weight loss when I really mean fat loss since weight loss sounds much better as compared to fat loss.

Here are the differences between weight loss and fat loss

Weight refers to measurement often seen in the scale- how much you weight at that particular point in time.Weight measures your body water content, bone mass density and the food you just consumed.

Having that said, you get to lose a combination of muscle, fat and a lot of water weight when you lose weight. Sadly, this water weight can be easily regained.

Fat loss on the other hand refers to loss in body fat. It is said that the less body fat you have, the healthier you are. Weighing scales cannot simply show the amount of fat you lose except if you use a body caliper and even then accuracy becomes an issue here. This is because weighing scales are at times misleading regarding muscle gain as what you see as a big number may in fact mean that you have gained healthy lean muscle not fat- as muscle weighs more than fat.

Excessive body fat is extremely dangerous to your health- Obesity has been linked to deadly health conditions as a result of excessive eating and sedentary lifestyle such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. This tells you to focus on losing body fat rather on focusing on losing that 5 extra pounds.

These facts pushed me to promote an advocacy on fat loss rather than weight loss. There are several reasons that lead me to this advocacy:

Psychological reasons- experience has shown that the scales can be all consuming. The day is spent too much on pondering the number you saw at the scale before going to work, thus it gives you unnecessary negative thoughts.In fact, I do not even weigh in my clients and even encourage them to just throw away the scale. A better indicator is your size. Instead of weighing my clients, I measure my clients and ask them to buy a pair of jeans a couple of sizes smaller to use as a goal to aim for. That is more motivating for them. (Also the thought of buying a new wardrobe can be fun!)

Easy? Why not try this yourself? Get that tape measure out and measure your around your belly button, smallest part of your waist, chest (around your nipple line) and your hips (widest part around butt). Remeasure yourself every 6 weeks. Have your clothes as indicator of your fat loss. If those jeans that were too small for you are now fitting that’s a great sign.

Another reason why it is better to lose fat than weight is because a fat cell, (or adipose cell) is much bigger in size than a lean muscle cell, which is small and compact. Having lean muscle means you will be smaller in size and fit into clothes better (no embarrassing bulges!).

What’s even better is that having more muscles boosts your metabolism which means you burn MORE FAT… even when you sleep!

OK here’s kicker when it comes to fat loss:

Fat is much bigger in size than muscle… muscle actually Revitaa pro weighs more than fat. I think I need to repeat that… A MUSCLE CELL WEIGHS MORE THAN A FAT CELL- up to 4 times more! Let me demonstrate For example Jane weighs 145lbs (65kgs) she follows a lifestyle designed to lose body fat (like the Real Food Real Fat Loss Program), she has been exercising twice a week for 20 minutes and has lost 3 dress sizes. She jumps back on the scale and it says 140 lbs. Which she thinks strange because her friends comment and think she looks like she has lost about 25 lbs. This is what has happened… so whilst she has only lost 5 lbs on the scale- she has gained lean muscle and increased her metabolism – looking trim, toned, terrific and 3 sizes smaller! So this is why you should not get hung up on your weight!

Hopefully you are now realizing that it’s better to lose body fat rather than to just focus on losing weight- both for health reasons and for size.

It is best to use real food as your fat loss weapon as eating real food will fuel your body the right way & it focus’s on losing body fat and increasing your metabolism. In comparison, typical weight loss diets cause you to lose muscle, which can decrease your metabolism. Now don’t get me wrong if you start any healthy eating & exercise regime initially you will most likely lose some weight as well, especially in the first stages, however the continued focus should be on fat loss, which is more sustainable when following a fat loss lifestyle. Following a fat loss focused program like my real food for real fat loss program is a much better way than yo-yo weight loss. Losing fat is designed for optimum health, to increase your metabolism and keep it there- so that you will KEEP IT OFF!

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