In your pursuit of life changing weight loss, are you tired of seeing over-hyped weight loss programs that offer you the Earth yet deliver nothing? You know that losing all those unwanted pounds would make such a huge difference to how you look and you would feel so much better about your self too, if you could just find a reliable process that really does result in life changing weight loss.

Life Changing Weight Loss Fact 1:

For life changing weight loss to take place you have to change your life-style completely, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose. If you are like most people then you have probably become set in your ways, and although you may set out with the best of intentions, most of the diets you try fail because you gradually slip back into your bad habits and unhealthy ways of living.

And you most likely do this because you don’t see sufficient weight loss to keep you motivated enough to stay on the diet any longer.

Life Changing Weight Loss Fact 2:

Slow and gradual weight reduction over a prolonged period of time is best. This is the type of weight reduction that stays off and it also allows your skin to shrink back slowly as you lose weight. On the other hand, a rapid loss of weight often leaves the dieter with folds of empty, hanging skin that has to be removed surgically.

Unfortunately, too many people nowadays think of losing weight in terms of losing X amount of pounds in X amount of weeks (or days in some cases). This is a very damaging way of thinking because any changes you make should take effect slowly, especially as you grow older. Losing weight rapidly can seriously damage your health.

Life Changing Weight Loss Fact 3:

The scales are not always a good indication of whether or not you are losing weight. Many people who are overweight have lost a great deal of their muscle mass as well. Consistent diet and exercise are necessary to set this right but you have to bear in mind that muscle weighs heavier than fat.

In a week it is possible for you to lose something in the region of 2-3lbs if you are taking it slow and steady, but many people become disappointed when they don’t even reach this target.

Let’s say, for instance, you are doing exercises to help regain your muscle mass as well and you actually manage to lose 3lbs of fat, but at the same time you have worked hard and Biofit increased your muscle mass by 2lbs, your scales are only going to register 1lb as lost weight. Or maybe the two have balanced out and your scales register no change at all.

Far from being disappointed you should be delighted because as the weeks go by you will notice a change in your body shape, as your muscle mass returns, long before your scales register any significant weight loss.

Life Changing Weight Loss Fact 4:

You do need to exercise. For you to have lean, toned muscles you must keep active and do some form of exercise every day.

Take your dog for a walk, if you don’t have a dog either “borrow” one from a friend or neighbour or join a friend who is walking her dog. Getting into the routine of walking a dog every day will get you into the habit of going out and walking. Dogs are tremendous company and great fun to be around, and you will actually get to look forward to your daily outings.

Life Changing Weight Loss Fact 5:

The final fact is: being overweight is no fun.

Being overweight can sap your self esteem because nobody comments on how good you look in your new outfit and you’re probably fed up with hiding your bulges and love handles beneath loose, shapeless clothes.

Don’t let being overweight negatively affect your day to day living, because you have the power to lose all those unwanted pounds and experience life changing weight loss.

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