Not all parts of Australia are very much open to the LGBT community. In the inner suburbs as well as in the coastal towns there are only sparse gays and lesbians. However, through the years many have already adapted the culture, and several of the establishments have dedicated their facilities and services to this funky bunch. couches melbourne

Most of the best gay clubs and venues are found in major cities such as Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. A lot are in Sydney since it is the biggest city in the country and definitely densely populated. Majority of those who go in to the country passes by Sydney. It is not impossible for the LGBT community to spend one good fun night here.

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If you are in Sydney and looking for nonstop partying, go to Stonewall Hotel. The bar there is massive and the gay scene truly open. Hard-core dancers can choose any of the three floors available. There is also a cocktail bar and VIP lounge. Make sure you are ready to dress to impress. Special nights are offered too, such as karaokes every Tuesday and drag show on Fridays.

Within Oxford Street is the Arq. Go downstairs and you will find dozens of pool tables, cocktail bars and lounges, and a stage for live performances. The best DJs are usually invited to play the best techno or house music for all partygoers. Close to it is the Colombian, which is famous because of its triangular building. It has its own video bar along with the night club. Celebrate the Parisian lifestyle at Slide. It is currently housed in an old art deco establishment.

Meanwhile, most of the bars, pubs, and clubs in Brisbane are found in Fortitude Valley, also called the Chinatown or the Valley. In the morning the streets are filled with market stalls offering bargains, while at night some of the bars become more interesting with the presence of lesbians and gays. A certified hit among them is the Beat. One good thing about it is it is not as overly populated as its competitors. You can still enjoy some privacy while listening to great chill-out music.

Club 80 is a highly recommended gay bar in Melbourne. It has everything you want, from very comfortable lounge seats to cocktail bars serving the best liquors and great house music. You also have such a huge dance floor. The best time to go here is during weekdays, when there are only few people to mind about.

The Pulteney 431 Sauna in Adelaide is not your typical gay or lesbian bar. It also functions as a rejuvenation center, with its own spa, steam room, and swimming pool. If you wish to spend a quiet evening with a partner or friends stay at the lounge or take light fares at the snack bar.

To encourage more patrons, virtually all bars come up with events worth joining to. Check out the events guide of every city so you do not miss out an incredible party.

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