There is a one-two punch that I like to refer to as On-Message / On-Target. The first, is obviously making sure that your messaging is ‘On’ which, means that it is appropriate for your product or service and it is compelling and unique to your company. The second is making sure that your message is on-target with your core prospect group. Having a great ad with irresistible copy does you no good if it isn’t running in front of your core demographic.

How does one determine if their message is ‘On-Target?’ The first thing that you need to ask yourself when evaluating your existing messaging in your advertising and marketing materials is “How important is this to my customers?” “Is my message about them or me?” People aren’t interested in what you want, they are interested in what they want.” I was flipping through the yellow pages and saw an ad that said “We want you as our customer”….that’s great that the business owner wants that…but who say’s a customer is going to want to hear that 분당스웨디시?

No one likes to be ‘sold’ anything, consumers want to ‘buy’ things. They want to ‘choose you or your service. ” The mindset of ‘selling’ focuses on the seller and the mindset of ‘buying’ focuses on the buyer. It sounds silly, but there is a really important message here. It’s not about you, it’s about your customer and what they want. It’s about their experience as the consumer. Ask yourself “what is the most important thing to a consumer when buying your product or service? What are their hot buttons? What are they afraid of? What is most convenient for them?” If you don’t have these answers, then you need to spend more time talking to your customers and understanding what makes them tick. If you don’t understand your core customer’s how can you create compelling messaging that will resonate with them?

How distinctive do you think the follow messaging is… “Your local…..(insert here)…..heating and cooling, pest control, insurance, etc….for over 25 years”. Open up your yellow pages and go through about 10-20 pages and count how many variations you can find on ‘Your neighborhood…., Your Local…, Locally Owned…” You can’t hang your hat on that kind of messaging and think that you are going to stand out. The key to creating dynamic, compelling and relevant messaging is first by understanding your core customer and second, understanding how your product or service stands out in the din of competition and then creating cogent copy in your advertisements and marketing materials that conveys your uniqueness.

On-target is the key to making sure that your message gets in front of the right consumers. That comes from understanding your clients. What is their profile; male or female, low-income, mid-income or high income, education, media habits, buying habits, etc. You need to make sure that your message is getting out there to your core audience. The best advertising in the world will do you no good if your ads are reaching people outside of your core demographic.

I was recently speaking with a woman who shared with me a story about her friend who had just gotten an entirely new wardrobe. Apparently, it was custom designed by a professional designer who provides high-end clothes to wealthy and professional women. The clothes are tailor-made to present the best figure possible, given any body weight or type. Needless to say, the clothes were quite expensive. My friend could not see the value in this service because she was a middle income woman with a great figure who in here words ‘was a perfect 6’ – anything off the rack fit her perfectly. This woman was not the designer’s core audience. The best advertising in the world will do nothing to sway this consumer because she doesn’t see the value or have the need. The lesson here is; know your core audience so that you don’t waste valuable advertising dollars pitching your product to the wrong consumer.

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