Some of the biggest and most content rich websites on the internet, are online video hosting sites, including and Google Video. By putting a video up on one of these sites, you could literally have viewers from across the global watching your video 송파스웨디시.

And, if you have your website address plastered across the bottom of the video, you have the perfect opportunity to send traffic to your website.

Now, what this also means, is that because there is so much video content on these sites, these sites will very often appear in search engine results, displaying a video that is related to the keywords you have just searched for. The reason for this, is that these sites have so much video content, that very often they are seen by search engines like Google as being a valid source of information on the topic relating to the keywords you as the user have just typed into Google.

Now, I am not going to go into too much detail here on how natural search engine ranking happens, but there is a simple approach which means that you can have videos that you create and post to these video hosting sites, achieve front page ranking on major search engines, for the keywords that you select. And, if the video has your website address all over it, you will start to get increased traffic from people watching the video.

So how do we do this?

1. Create a video for an aspect of your website or business that you want to promote. This video could be an infomercial, where you feature a particular product or service in a 1 minute video. Another option is doing a “How to video” for the market you are targeting. If you are recommending someone’s product or website as an affiliate, you could do a “I recommend” video, with your affiliate link website address in the video.

You can use various video software to create this, one being Sony Vegas Studio. Remember, that when you are starting out with this, the video does not need to be perfect. As an example, you could create a video using a recording of a PowerPoint presentation, recorded off your screen by screen capture software like and using a mic to record the sound of the recording.

The most important thing to remember, is to make sure you put your website address across the bottom of the video.

2. Do your keyword research: To get the maximum results from the video you have created, you must make sure that the keywords that you use in the title for the video are the keywords you are going to want to have your video found on in the search engine results. You can do keyword search using several tools, including Google Keyword Tool, or

Remember, you want to focus on not just the most trafficked terms, but those keywords that will deliver you with the highest quality viewers in relation to the product, service or website you are promoting from the video. Using what is called “long tail keywords”, could deliver you the best results. For example, if you had website about massage and massage therapy, and you had a video on how to treat back and neck pain, instead of just using massage therapy or massage as the keyword in the video title, you could focus on the long tail within “massage”, like “massage for back and neck pain” or “Healing Back and Neck Pain with massage”.

When you submit your videos, you are going to build your title using the keywords you have found from this research. Use these keywords in the title, the tags for the video as well as in the description of what the video is about. A hot tip, is to start the description section of the video with your website address, that way if your video does rank on the search engines, and the person doesn’t watch it, they may just visit your website directly.

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