Hugs, kisses, and other forms of endearing actions are forms of instant stress relief. After a work, it is normal to seek for some relaxation and enjoyment. Here is a new treat that I would like to share with you guys. I call it prostate massage. This is a pleasurable activity that you can do on your own or with your loved ones.

You must have not admitted this to your partner. You are probably having second thoughts due to fear – fear that this might cause a heated argument, which may result in friction in your relationship. You are bored with your usual routine in your bedroom. It would not sound right to just confront your partner and solely blame them for your boredom. You are also responsible for this. Now, let me help you with this predicament.

First option, present this prostate massage as a health issue. One of the best features of this sensational massage is its ability to protect you from the dangers of prostate cancer. This is a technique that could clean your gland, and rid of its residues. Inside your walnut-sized prostate are alkaline contents. This fluid combines with your sperm cells during ejaculation. Its main function is to neutralize the acidic vaginal walls, and allow the sperm cells to reach the egg cells. It is your lifesaver. 수원스웨디시

You have the option to put a little drama in your script. Tell your partner that he or she can help you lengthen your life and enjoy old age together. This (I hope) would probably give you the fix. You may even tell them that according to statistics, men at age 70 increase their development of prostate cancer to 50%. Mention to your lover that you do not want to be part of this study. Showing them charts, journals, and articles would be added points.

If this plan a does not work, you may move on to our plan b. Now, this would be a little confrontational. But, with the right words, you may ace this. You may tell your partner that you have read something about this prostate massage and you are very much interested about it. Again, mention a little about the statistics, then cites some of its perks on your relationship.

You may tell about its advantage on your bedroom escapades. It is a new arena that both of you can explore for the first time. As a result, it could actually be an exciting journey for both of you. Also, it will deepen your knowledge about your partner and his or her sensitive spots. Nothing beats the sharing of intimate moments between two human beings who love each other. If these tactics are not appealing to the lover, we have to proceed to our last resort.

Prostate Massage is an activity that you can do by yourself. Enjoy the excitement of pleasuring your body, and being informed of how your body reacts to different sensations. You do not have to worry about anything. As long as you do the procedures properly and with care, you are sure to enjoy the pleasurable perks of this massage.

Okay, so what if you are feeling a little uneasy with touching your anus? I suggest that you make use of prostate massager. This is a toy that is specially designed for you to reach the great feeling in this intense release. There are different designs to choose from, each has a special feature that could make you experience the so-called male g spot orgasm.

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