When you think about surveillance cameras, do you imagine spying, bugging offices, and government conspiracies? Actually, I think of a James Bond movie. Would you like to know what your kids, or maybe your babysitter, are doing while you’re away? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and wonder what you heard outside? Now you can know that and much more. With today’s technology, nearly everyone can afford a home security system. But there are so many choices; what type of system is right for you?

You might just want to fake it. Really. They make what are called “dummy” systems that give the appearance of a full fledged security system. They actually have a flashing indicator light, with a glass camera lens and a real video cable, and mounting screws with a bracket. This is an affordable way บาคาร่า to go. You can get this type of unit for less than $20.

Digital Video Recorders (DVR) generally use four to 16 cameras, (4 to 16 channels), that provide both on-site viewing and online access which you can monitor from your PC. Digital video recorders have no tapes, so once set up, are able to record up to 4 weeks with no maintenance until you’re ready to view what’s been recorded. These devices can be connected to your network and notify you via email when movement is detected.

Wireless cameras give you many options. Hide a tiny camera in the baby’s room to transmit video to any TV so you can get things done around the house while still keeping an eye on your child. Wireless cameras can be used around your property and capture images even in complete darkness. You can connect to a wireless network and the internet even if there is no PC on the premises. There are wireless cameras which can be viewed and controlled from a web browser, cell phone or PDA, again, without requiring a PC on the premises. These amazing surveillance video systems can be viewed on a PC via the internet anywhere in the world. You can also control the system remotely.

Further your feeling of security with remote control lighting. Units are available that control both your lighting and your surveillance systems remotely.

One of the earlier types of security cameras was the closed circuit TV camera. Closed circuit means the video is connected directly to the recording or viewing source without being broadcast. These systems were originally developed to provide security for banks, and traditionally used by businesses that needed a very high level of security, like casinos and airports. Today, closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are simple, and inexpensive enough to be used in the home.

Take a portable mini security camera with you when traveling. These tiny units that can weigh as little as 13 ounces have built in color monitors and provide about 40 hours of video recording. Rechargeable batteries give up to four hours of recording time. They are available with a remote control and an AC adaptor.

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