KEYWORD RESEARCHED BLOG POST – My usual standard method of attack. The main purpose of this blog post is to basically see if you can rank for something. Don’t just go blind-firing at random keywords. Thoroughly research a bunch keywords that people will search for and think about how they can benefit from what you provide. This is often a heavily SEO intended blog post. You can learn how to optimize these even if you’re a newbie by reading these tips. You are basically aiming for ORGANIC traffic with these babies.

HOBBY & ENTERTAINMENT BLOG POST – You basically pick an interest of yours and blog about it. Contrary to what others say, you don’t have to optimize it for organic traffic that much. You CAN of course which it will be better, but you can also aim for SOCIAL traffic with these more so than SEO I blog about wrestling, cars, holidays, funny stuff, whatever. Then share it around your social networks. People who have similar interests will flock to it. These can be just random posts and senseless stuff that just goes viral.

TRAINING & TIPS BLOG POST – This is pretty much what this blog post is. I’m providing some training for you with this post with the aim of teaching something. You can either aim for organic traffic, social traffic or both. These ones are very powerful if done right. But there’s also a way to do them WRONG. The fact is, a lot of people are writing the same old boring articles like “lead generation tips” or “marketing tips” and the usual stuff. If you want to know how to stand out in your content, then read more here for some content marketing strategies.

OPINION AND DISCUSSION BLOG POST – You should be encouraging this in all your blog posts anyway. But there are times when you can just blog about something you’re ranting and raving about. Talk about your passions and you can also talk about your FRUSTRATIONS. People love negativity and frustrations for some reason and can go viral very quickly. You’re not necessarily offering advice or tips unlike training-type blog posts but you really want to get stuff off your chest.

SYNDICATE CONTENT BLOG POST – You are basically syndicating content from a news site or a directory and posting it on your blog. You basically don’t write much here since you’re ‘borrowing’ content from another source. You can’t really aim for organic traffic with this since it’s already been indexed in another site first. But if it’s a trending, viral article, then these are usually good at getting social traffic. Be very careful of which sources you syndicate though, as some sites DO allow you to re-post their content but SOME DON’T.

ULTIMATE BLOG POST – Pretty much an assortment of all of the above. These blog posts may or may not take a little more time and effort than most. Your blog posts are targeting a keyword you are aiming to rank for that’s related to your hobby or primary interest that provides training, tips or advice which also includes your opinion about it. You are aiming for both SOCIAL as well as ORGANIC traffic with these ultimate weapons. In order to fully unleash this ultimate attack, you must first master the principles of optimizing your posts as well as creating compelling content.

These types of blog posts are just suggestions and guidelines that you can take and use, but feel free to do whatever you want as long as it fulfills your purpose. This is just something that I use as a guide when I plan my blogging.

A lot of my advisers tell me, always always blog on purpose. Don’t waste a post. Follow these four principles and get to work!

Of course, depending on what niche you’re in, some of these blogging weapons may be invalid to you if you’re focusing on a specific market alone.

With a high authority blog, you can literally target the stupidest most random keywords that get LOTS of traffic that nobody else will rank for. Combine that with these simple and silly SEO techniques, you can easily get ridiculous amounts of organic leads as well!

Coined in 1997 by Jorn Barger, the word “Blog” originates from the combination of the phrase, “Web Log”. The overall structure of a Blog resembles that of a regularly updated journal or diary that is posted on the Internet by the writer.

Now, I remember hearing about Blogs growing up, but back then it seemed the topics mainly consisted of political banter or some kind of breaking news report that you would not necessary hear about from mainstream media.

Today, you have a multitude of bloggers and topics ranging from the rants of a disgruntled network marketer to the fashion advice of the “stylista”. Also, with the growing popularity of Online and Network Marketing, the blog has become a “must have” tool of the trade.

Why? Because of the ridiculous amount of people you can reach through the internet. I just had visitors from Brazil and Russia on my site! You gotta love it!

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